Maintenance & Repair

Do you want to have your interlock driveway,
patio, walkway or steps looking as good
as the day they were installed?

You spent good money on a durable product
and for a low cost compared to your original investment
you can have it looking like new again.

The severity of our winters have taken their toll on outdoor constructs resulting in for example frost heaving and settling. Environmental pollutants both natural and man made will discolour and fade interlock. Continuously driving in the same track on driveways will cause rutting.

We will:

*Replace -damaged brick.
*Relay -uneven surfaces that have sunk or heaved due to frost or settling like tire ruts in driveways settling at garage doors, street curbs and city side walks, steps and bring them back to original grades.
*Clean -oil stains, dirt, grass and weeds
*Seal -to prevent and protect against staining/ soiling and weed/ grass growth.

With over 25 years of experience
installing these products
and the right
 equipment and knowledge
let us rejuvenate and protect your investment
put a smile on your face again!

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