University Werks was started in 1980 and has evolved into a full time design/build company with years of experience in architectural design and installation of all landscape products. The company is headed up by myself, Scott Miller. I wear all the “hats” in the company so when you talk to me you are talking to the one who does the design, the estimate and the installation. New constructs receive a written guarantee on the installation. We are not retailers. We are a contract construction business purchasing direct from the manufacturer to ship to your site thereby keeping our overhead and your cost minimized! If you would like to see some of my work just ask and I will be happy to provide you with a list addresses for viewing. Be sure to view our photo album as well.

We are located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Tel: (905) 666-9690

I look forward to hearing from you , please forward any comments or requests using the email below.

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Q: Why do you call yourself University Werks?

A: When UNIVERSITY WERKS was started in 1980, I was attending university. At the time another student (college) oriented business was doing well hiring themselves out as “student labourers”. Therefore I figured that the company name should convey the fact that students were being employed (university not college). Hence the term “UNIVERSITY”.

The “WERKS” part of the name was originally to be “brickwerks” but as I wanted to do other than interlock alone the brick part was dropped and shortened to “WERKS”. The “E” in “WERKS” is there for two reasons.
First: it is German for the word work and Germany is where all this precast concrete paver concept originated in response to the need for a practical and economical replacement of the deteriorating natural cobblestone which paves a great many of the streets there.
Second: the odd spelling “WERKS” following the term “UNIVERSITY’ is an eye-catcher isn’t it?

Q: What sort of client do you serve?

A: We serve both the residential and commercial client, from small to large, designing and building your exterior or interior landscape projects.

Q: Do you do any property maintenance?

A: Quite simply, no.
Our business covers architectural design and construction/installation of landscape projects using construction techniques, equipment, products and materials all of which is generally termed hardscape.
Property maintenance (lawn mowing, gardening etc) is at the other end of the landscaping spectrum and is generally termed softscape.

Q: How much does it cost for an estimate?

A: Estimates are free of charge and require a site visit . If you require consultation or architectural services only please click here for our fee structure.