Architectural Services

If you are you interested in :


Our professional designer will come out to your home for up to an hour to discuss your needs for a $75 consultation fee.

During that time they will discuss landscaping ideas with you and, if time permits, draw a concept sketch that will identify general planting areas, pathways, and decks etc. For some instances; such as small projects, this time may be all the designer needs to give you an accurate estimate for the project should you want to construct it yourself. If you should choose to have University Werks do the installation your consultation fee is returned.


If the scope of the landscaping requires a more detailed plan the designer will discuss a price for supplying a scale drawing and detailed pricing with you. Plans start at $150 and rise depending on the complexity and size of the project.

The designer will provide a complete price to have University Werks install all elements of the design. University Werks has the experience of being in the business since 1980 and are recognized in the industry as supplying quality workmanship and superior designs.